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High Jumping Afghan Hounds

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The Worlds Only Performing 

Persian Cat!

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 "Susan Sheryll's Royal Afghan Champions" is a combination of delectable beauty and artistry.  

There are six stunning Afghans with championship bloodlines, and to add to the unusual, a beautiful Persian cat who happily performs along with the Afghans in every performance.  The Afghan was once considered a "royal" dog, allowed to be owned only by Pharaohs and royalty of the court.

 Sketches and figurines can still be found on the interior walls of the pyramids in Egypt.  

One of the most beautiful of all of Susan's Afghans is a pure white male, imported from Suffolk, England.  

"Arctic Snow" handsomely sits at the top of the pyramid style seat, surrounded by the other Afghans of unusual colors and markings.  Their breathtaking ability of high-jumping, and distance jumping, is second nature to this agile breed, and although strikingly impressive to witness, they complete jumps of extreme heights and lengths with total ease and agility, leaving the audience spellbound by their magnificence.  This is truly a different approach from the ordinary, and combines special lighting effects, costuming, and excitement, leaving the spectators anticipating more.  Recently a world-wide magazine, "The Afghan Hound Review". completed an eight page story on the beginning and present times of "Susan Sheryll's Afghans", a recognition in print of the many contributions offered by this act regarding this special form of entertainment.  

The Zoppes are sixth generation, and have recently been featured on "The Amazing Animals" TV Special, television commercials, and have performed with many the State Fairs, Corporate Events, Shrine Circuses, Sport Shows,  and have toured in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States.  

Because of their love and dedication to their animals, Davide and Susan had a beautiful motor home specifically designed and built for the animals particular needs.  It is equipped with all the necessities; heat, air-conditioning, fans, brushing tables & wash bays along with all the special food, shampoos, cream rinses, coat sprays, plus vitamin supplements and coat conditioners.  

Behind the motor home is a lavish trailer, where Davide and Susan enjoy the comforts of modern home-like living, while touring thousands of miles throughout the country per year.

An important fact is this form of entertainment is still one of the few remaining arts totally left uncensored, and enjoyed by people of all ages, everywhere.  It is wholesome, pure, and entertains families from every aspect of life, bringing the public together as a whole, to enjoy a fantasy world of thrills and laughter.